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    If you must build trust in order to be successful, then you have probably felt the sting of losing it.

    How about a step-by-step playbook to help you deliver an Ideal Client Experience so your team will Never Drop the Ball Again?


    Without a doubt, CX (Client Experience) is the key to healthy growth in the financial services industry. Regardless of your industry, this short book will help you create a client-focused playbook.




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    K.O., Customer Relationship Specialist

    As the lead negotiator for one of the largest divisions of a Fortune 100 company, I read Never Drop the Ball Again and within 24 hours started sharing H.B.'s language and systemization of concepts with my team and received quick validation that this information is valuable. I hate to admit that I had been modeling these concepts for years impacting one person at a time, but never documented my process and I was never able to communicate a clear step by step methodology that transferred how to do what I have been so successful at doing. This book cuts through the myth that Empathy is an art and gave me the language around the step-by-step process that any organization can follow.

    I believe H.B.'s lifetime of using language to communicate complex concepts in concise terms makes him a master at delivering the steps for the ideal customer experience. I trust you, like me, will gain actionable ideas from reading this book that will instantly start effectively transforming your business.


    A. Wiren: Residential Designer and Business Owner

    We began working together in January 2021 toward my original goal of launching my new business within 18 months. However, due in part to the work in the Ideal Client Experience, I was able to launch in only 9 months! After a year in business, I am already turning a profit. I can honestly say that you will make no better investment in your business than to bring H.B. onto your team and allow him to make your goals his goals.


    N. Johnson, Financial Services Business Owner

    This book really sums up the importance of the ideal client experience in every facet of the work we do. We don't normally pay attention to the experience of our clients and we do so with a great missed opportunity. This book helps us think and feel the importance of the relationships within the business, and that it's so much more than numbers and the bottom line.

    This book is an incredible awakening to the reality that we are giving honor to our clients decision to work with us and trust us with large and sometimes ultimately important decisions that lead to their Peace of Mind and well-being. This will lead you towards business that continues to create abundance for generations to come.


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